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What is competition A and B?

What is competition A and B?

At Elite Canada, some asked what is “competition A and B” and how does it affect national team ranking.

Competition A and B was introduced in 2011. Competition A is the normal AA competition. Competition B is similar to the old apparatus finals. However, not only does the top 8 of each apparatus gets to perform the specific apparatus they were ranked top 8, competition B includes the top 12 of the AA who will perform all 4 apparatus. The total scores from competition A and B gets added together for team ranking purposes. This is introduced so that an accidental error on day 1 will not kick you off the team – the top 12 athletes have to be consistently strong both days to be ranked to the top 10.

The competition rank at Elite Canada does not necessary translate to the national team ranking because approved medical exemptions must be included. Everything needs to be validated before being released.

Competition A and B are applicable for Elite Canada and Canadian Individual Championship ONLY.