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2012 Canadian Individual Championship

2012 Canadian Individual Championship

The event is held in Regina, Saskatchewan. The event is held in conjunction with other disciplines of gymnastics and is huge.

Yes, there will be live score feed for rhythmic gymnastics. I am on location and here is a peek of the venue. (Click here) Good luck to everyone!

An archive of the videos is being created. (Click here). Expect a time delay of a day to two days as bandwidth at the facility is very limited and has to be done overnight on a best effort basis.

I have created a small little gallery of photos that I took and uploaded to same site as above. I took over 6000 pictures some of which are of artistic gymnastics but mostly rhythmic gymnastics. The first installment is of Canada’s junior and senior group. Enjoy! Photos are now available for purchase at Grace Chiu’s website. I have posted a few of the photos to my facebook album so that you can get a feel for the quality of the shots as compared to the thumbnail.