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Score2u new milestone

Score2u new milestone

With Miss Valentine 2014, Score2u reached out for the first time outside Canada to as far as Estonia. . (For those who are interested, there is live video feed of the competition. Sunday is the day of the finals for both RG and AGG.)

Not without its initial growing pains like MS Office version, training, adaptations, the time difference also means that it is the middle of the night when they need help. For better or worse, with Facebook messaging and the notification options that come with mobile devices, I get a wake-up-ding when they need me. I thank you the Mölder sisters for their support, patience and trust.

Miss Valentine was really fast pace with one routine right after the other without any pauses. 2014, AGG World Cup was run alongside FIG rhythmic gymnastics. They have AGG routine inserted into the midst of RG rotations making it really great for spectators.

With internationalization, it means that the program will simply get better with more features and options. Believe it or not, the interface to the program is exactly the same regardless of the level of competition. “Direct score entry” has been a dream for many years, architected and just waiting for the right impetus to make it happen. It is getting so close that I can almost feel it!

Pacific Rim 2014 will be another step forward toward supporting international event. Looking forward to it.