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Ready for SOC National Games!

Ready for SOC National Games!

Rotation drawn; training and competition schedule finalized; programs tested; music and scripts for level 4s digitally submitted; fingers crossed – Score2u is as READY as can be! Documents (including rotations) are available for download here.

From a scoring perspective, the following two enhancements have been made:

  • Carry over 25% of the score from the division round. This ‘additional’ piece of the score is added not just to the All Around score but to each apparatus and therefore affecting apparatus ranking. This portion of the code may be useful for Comp A and B for 2015 where it is rumored that apparatus ranking will use the cumulative score as well (versus just comp B currently).
  • Instead of simply using the AA score from day 1 – the division round, the division process will use a derived score which reflects the averaged score (calculated as (AA score – high and low event score) times two). Furthermore, during the division process, the program hide the athlete names and province to ensure an impartial process.

Everyone in Team BC is ready both as an awesome host as well as a good competitor! Good luck everyone!