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Score2u at Miss Valentine

Score2u at Miss Valentine

Score2u is proud to be reporting score live at Miss Valentine in Estonia this weekend. For live video feed, go to Miss Valentine official site.

Miss Valetine is a huge pretiguous event that includes both AGG and RG, individuals and group. At this competition, AGG uses its own scoring system. So score2u is only used for RG. RG has the FIG international competition where countries send some of their best as well as an open invitational category where aspiring high-level gymnasts are competing for the experience. Only FIG Individuals and group have finals – “max 2 per country” for individuals and “max 1 per country” for groups. Host country (in this case Estonia) has a spot guaranteed at the finals.

Because of the size of the different projectors, besides the option you are used to in Canadian events, we added more flexibility to the displaypad on the website – really large fonts with just the score and rank without any breakdowns. This is set at an individual client level and so you can set it based on a specific monitor. So if one monitor or TV is too small for the distance from the audience, you can set that monitor to use a MUCH bigger font using the dropdown on the top right corner.

Adding athletes midway through the competition is always a challenge and you need to be very careful so that you don’t loose anything. There is a step-by-step guide you can follow in the user guide.

Text messaging, FB messaging makes support so much easier. So despite the physical distance, we are closer than you can ever imagine. Thanks to Daniel Brum for being the brave soul to be onsite!