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IMPORTANT – Music Player issue

IMPORTANT – Music Player issue

In a recent competition in Ontario, they find that every now and then the first second of music (maybe the ding or whatever) may not play using a VLC player under Windows 10. The condition under which the problem can be reproduced are :

  • The VLC player closed
  • The VLC player has not been playing for 15 seconds or more.

Thanks to Serge for reporting and helping to identify the issue. This problem can be avoided by using windows media player as the default player. Under Windows 8, this problem did not show up using the same music and the same version of VLC player.

To all hosts, please change the default player on the music machine and test it. (Click for instructions)

To all coaches, we recommend the following actions:

  • Insert a one second silence before the ding or actual music. This not only solves the current issue but also Bluetooth speaker connect delays as well.
  • Make sure that you submit music in mp3 or file formats defined by host. VLC player accepts almost any music format but Windows media player have a much narrower list.
  • If you have any important start or end note, do make sure that it is using both the left and right channels, we have discovered that some amplifiers have some non-standard way of handling mono single sound channel and the note may not be heard even though it has been played by the player.