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Scripted free routines and colored chits

Scripted free routines and colored chits

After the first couple of events under the new code, GCG RG Technical Coordinator shared the following:

  • For Elite Canada (and for competitions in Ontario) for scripted FREE routines, a decision has been made to have 4 difficulty judges. Each judge will judge with scripts and submit their score independently.

    This capability is built into the scoring program already. Simply enter EVERY submitted score in the first D panel, J1, J2, J3 and J4 respectively, the program will eliminate high-low and average the middle 2 scores if there are 4 judges (and average out if there are only 3 judges). D2 panel in this case will not be used. You can hide the D2 J1 column for data entry if it gets into your way.

  • For all events, do try to use different colored paper for different panels, it make it easier to sort and file.

Good luck to everyone!