Get ready for 2017!

Get ready for 2017!

The scoring program supports more than just the FIG/GCG stream. Other streams that do not calculate the scores like FIG includes Aesthetic Group Gymnastics, Special O, Alberta’s interclub and interclub. The table below summarizes all the differences. (The cell for FIG/GCG, the E-T panel says 5/ded. This means the system supports submission of 5 scores but all the scores that are entered must represent DEDUCTIONS. The system will apply the appropriate calculations to arrive at the total for the event)

Potential # of scores submitted Calculation done by system
Stream Type D1 D2 Artistic / E-A Execution / E-T ExecCalcType DiffCalcType
FIG/GCG 1 1 1 5 10-(EA+ET) D1+D2
SO 4 0 0 4 ET D1
AGG 4 0 4 4 Creative:(10-ET)/2 D1
ABIC 4 0 4 0 NoExec D1
IC 4 4 4 4 10-(EA+ET) D1

Score display shows the scores AFTER applying the calculation rules at the panel level, i.e. Difficulties, Artistic and Execution. Component scores/deductions can only be seen via Apparatus Rank Report.

To facilitate the switching of views from one panel type to another, a view controller has been created and can be invoked via Ctrl-Shift-V. This can be docked alongside the top of the spreadsheet if you have to switch often.

The mail-merge ready judging chits are available via the Tools section on the right hand side.

Do be careful and apply ‘sanity check’ when you receive the first set of scores or when you switch from one stream to another.

Live scores will be updated in the very near future.

Good luck everyone!

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