Score2U is a rhythmic gymnastics scoring program has been used all across Canada since the 2002 Pacific Alliance Championship. It has gone through many generations of enhancements, testing and is tailored specifically to rhythmic gymnastics within Canada. Here are some Canadian features:

    • Supports the canadian L9 and L10 implementation where ranking is required within level as well as combined.
    • Supports generation of finals scoresheets using combined L9 & L10 apparatus ranking.
    • Provides a plug-in to the yearly national team ranking.
    • Supports the 2011 competition A and competition B eligibility and ranking rules for Elite Canada and Canadian Individual Championship.

French for score display is an option that can be turn on/off.

This site is the permanent archive for events held in Canada using the program while is the site for live scores and archive for the current year.

Program Features

  • Very scalable. Very similar training / setup from zone and invitationals to big competitions like World Cup and National Championships.
  • Supports automated rotation draw, assigning of athlete IDs based on specific start numbers per level, generation of rotation order for official programs.
  • In additional to the scores used for ranking, the program supports the capturing of control panel scores and original raw panel scores for post competition evaluation.
  • The program is MS Excel based with macros and VBA underneath the friendly interface – easy to use and understand.
  • Licensing on a per competition basis with online tutorials makes it very cheap to deploy. For provinces that are willing to standardize on using the program, yearly licensing for all competitions is possible.
  • Supports standard FIG judges evaluation scoring method.
  • Configurable on a per level basis for non-standard invitationals and qualifiers, like choice of 3 from 5 apparatus, Special Olympics, club invitational, AGG, etc.
  • Scores can displayed in many ways: 1) via a projector driven directly from the main computer. 2) Or if “live score” is enabled, scores can be displayed at multiple spots where it has internet access including off-site, smart phones, etc.
  • Operator can queue up scores for display and continue with more data entry while waiting for opportune time to display the next score, minimizing distraction to the audience, judges and gymnast.
  • Very easy to copy and paste athlete list from other electronic documents via standard windows copy-and-paste, thereby reducing work and typos.
  • Assuming the up-front work of verifying names and levels are done ahead of time, actual setup time is less than 30 minutes.
  • Entry of judging panel is made easy by supporting the “Same as ..”, “Swap panels” and “Apply to multiple” concepts.
  • Skill set required for data entry at the competition is very basic, making it easier to find volunteers.
  • Some combinations of team calculations are now supported. As an example, Club ranking for qualification of Aeon Cup, Equalized averaged team score calculation and simple team ranking are all supported.
  • Supports a judges evaluation model based on FIG and / or relative ranking.
  • Generates a standalone athlete list for mailmerge to support other hosting functions such as creating of credentials, execution forms with athlete name already pre-printed, etc. Further to this effort, a community supported set of useful merge-ready forms are available here. I want to acknowledge

System Requirements

  • Windows XP or above on IBM PC. (Will not work on MAC OS).
  • MS Excel 2000 (English version) or above with VBA support installed
  • CPU speed of 1.6GHz or above
  • Enough hard disk space to store the working version plus backups during the competition.
  • Adobe Acrobat, CutePDF Writer is required only if you are using Office 2003 or earlier. Starting with Office 2007, the program leverages the built-in PDF feature within Office to generate electronic score archives.

License to Use

  • There is a nominal per-competition-use license cost for the standard license. (Live score requires additional setup and is only slightly more expensive).
    Please email Mario Lam for more information.
  • Distribtion will be via a ZIP file (less 400K compressed).
  • Support will be via email, MSN or Yahoo.
  • The software and design is copyright of Mario Lam and/or Nucurve Consulting Ltd. Any
    attempt to copy, reverse engineer, distribute or extend its use beyond the intended competition
    is illegal.

Skills required to operate

Local Scoring coordinator (1 person)

  • Requires slightly deeper understanding of Excel,
    familiar enough with the Windows environment not to panic,
    some basic understanding of a rhythmic gymnastics competition can be an asset.
  • Responsible for setup of competition and coordinate score keeping’s schedule and training. Reports
    to Competition Director and Judge Responsible.
  • Responsible for the distribution of detailed score reports to the provinces as a PDF file.
  • Responsible to send summary results for web posting
  • Produce judge evaluation reports as required.

Score keepers (zero to many)

  • Requires very basic computer skills. Anyone who knows the basic windows environment,
    like mouse clicks, how to copy and paste, where the tab key, the concept of folder and files
    can be trained quickly within 10 minutes.
  • Responsible for double checking data entry against summary sheets. Ensures
    backups are done, ranking reports are signed off, posted and distributed (awards) in a timely manner.
    Reports to Local Scoring Coordinator.
  • A minimum of two adults are recommended at the scoring table throughout the competition – one to do the key entry, the other to sort, stape and verify the judging slips and key entry.

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