Managing a club is more than just registering them to the provincial sport organization. To support club activities and management, a lot more data is required than what is captured at a provincial registration system level. A lot of clubs end up maintaining 2 sets of data (or leave the details on paper) causing inaccuracies and consumes a lot of time too.

There are also lots of administrative tasks and paperwork during the season. Following highlights some of the program features:

  • Collecting and tracking payments via individualized email.
  • Create yearly Child Fitness Tax Credit receipts.
  • Create registration confirmation sheet for returning gymnasts so that you do not have to find changes. Saves time for yourself as well as for parents.
  • Maintaining email lists and making sure they are up-to-date.
  • Create contact lists for different purposes, e.g. for events, newsletter, camps, etc.
  • Registering for competitions and preparation for input to the scoring program.
  • Store extended data like medical alerts, emergency contacts, etc
  • User extendable columns for club unique activities like who is going to Xmas party, T-shirt size, etc
  • Highlight things that requires special attention like birthdays within the month, money owing, waivers, etc
  • Validate competition categories against competition age, format of dates, etc
  • Maintain history over the years within the same workbook so that it is easier to see stats and trends over time. Furthermore, by keeping your history in one place, it is easier to create mailing lists involving parents and gymnasts that are no longer active in training.
  • Synching registration details with the province. The system will identify changes after the last PSO submission so that it can be submitted again.
  • User extensible email templates for common functions like:
    • Welcome emails with quick reminder lists like where to find things, club rules and expectations
    • Payment reminders
    • Tax Credit mail out
    • Yearly special Events like Xmas, year end shows, etc
  • Quick user friendly view of the data like:
    • Data filters, e.g. Select gymnasts from certain classes, over age of 9, etc.
    • Ad hoc sorts – beside most commonly used data fields like names and classes, user can specify sorts of any columns.
    • phone lists – for emergency phone list without overloading your smart phone contacts.
    • context sensitive navigation – when travelling from one sheet to another, can keep focus on the same participant via the ID.

System Requirements

Currently Windows only but an MAC OSX version based on Office 2011 is under development.

  • Windows Vista or newer
  • Office 2007 or newer
  • Internet connection
  • Microsoft Outlook or Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail